Made my annual trek to Seattle for a Mariners game on Sunday, June 12.  They played the Rangers, with whom they’d been tied for first in the AL West just a week before, but after being swept in Texas, they were looking for a comeback.  It didn’t happen.  They frankly looked lackadaisical, and ended up losing 6-4.

The highlight of the game was watching Roughned Odor (I’ve heard this pronounced about six different ways), the Rangers resident pugilist (I call him Roughneck), strike out his first four times at bat.  When he came up for the fifth time, I couldn’t help myself and yelled out “Go for five!”  The guy across the aisle from me – a Rangers fan who was wearing a Fielder jersey – nearly fell off his seat laughing.  Odor managed a weak pop up to short for the third out and on his way back to the dugout, he looked my way and raised both fists to the heavens in triumph at not striking out for the fifth time!



One thought on “Seattle

  1. Paul Nickell says:

    I was at that game too! The Mariners didn’t really come out of their coma until the eighth inning, but by then it was too late. There was a pall on the day, as you’ll recall, it being the morning of the Orlando shootings. Still, it’s always fun to be at Safeco Field. Sorry I missed you!


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