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It’s time that I confess my loyalty.  Yes, I’m a Mariners fan.  That is similar to being a Cubs fan, except that now the Cubs are contenders and the misery of being a Mariners fan continues.

So I’ve decided to skip all that and try to have some fun out of the heartache.  Let’s all chime in and see if we can arrive at some consensus about the greatest players who have been Mariners who then went on to even greater heights with another team.  We could make it even more painful by limiting the list to those the M’s traded away, having given up on them (as opposed to losing them to free agency, for example), but I can take only so much, so leave it with those who left for whatever reason.

I’d start with Ken Griffey, Jr., who I’m going to see in Cooperstown.  Yes, I know he came back to the M’s in the end, but we still lost him.  Right behind Junior is the Big Unit, Randy Johnson.  More recently we can think of Adrian Beltre, Mark Trumbo, Michael Saunders (who just made the AL All Star team), Adam Jones (a while ago) and I’m sure you can think of others.  Do that and add a comment and we’ll see what kind of team we can put together.




One thought on “Mariners

  1. The greatest players who went onto greater heights is one stack of guys. But how about guys who stunk for the M’s but were great after they left? Or guys who were really good until they came to the M’s. Or guys like Kendrys Morales who should give back their M’s salaries. We’ll call the collected monies the “CHONE FUND” and distribute it to now destitute Seattle high techies who soared and then crashed. Did I mention that I hate Beltre? Let’s get worked up here, people. There are guys who flat out cheated the M’s. Unless the real problem is that the M’s became PED free. And another thing . . .


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