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It’s not all fun and games, people. I had to violate one of my principles today by coming all the way from Boise to Ogden on the freeway, since there are not really any decent secondary roads for that journey. Unfortunately, I stopped at one to many rest stops because I was making good time and decided to take a minute to work on my blog using my phone. Halfway to the picnic table in the shade, I realized I had just locked my keys in the pick up!  The truckers I asked had no idea what a slim Jim was and the police could help only by referring me to a towing company in a nearby town. A fellow showed up fairly promptly and with about 30 seconds of effort unlocked the door and set me back $100.

With that out of the way, I headed for Lindquist Field to watch the Ogden Raptors play the Missoula Osprey.  It is a remarkably large stadium for a minor league team and perhaps reflects the money the Dodgers (the Raptors parent club) are willing to spend on their upcoming talent.  It is hands down the most spectacularly sited field I’ve seen thus far, with the Wasatch Mountains looming in the background.  The sky was cloudless all day and that continued through a beautiful evening of baseball.


Following the money theme, it was interesting to watch the scouts working diligently to try to figure out who the next star might be.  Maybe they were paying attention because this game reflected the higher level (over last night’s short season Single A) of the Pioneer League, a Rookie (Advanced) league.  Once again, it wasn’t much of a game (the Raptors won big) but still quite enjoyable.


Food tips: Farr (Better) Ice Cream – an old company with a dipping store not far from the stadium and worth the walk. At the field, I enjoyed a spicy polish with unlimited kraut and pickles (both spear and slice) and $2 beer.

Outfield wall ads: Bonneville Collections – really??  And the best: Lindquist Mortuaries/Cemeteries in right field, just foul, perhaps where homers go to die?

Finally, the best binkie ever.






One thought on “Ogden

  1. Truckers ain’t what they used to be. Not a car jack experience among them? That surely is a gorgeous setting. Was that a real JUGS gun or just a private eye video recording his subject. I’ve been thinking about a name for your truck. Best I’ve got so far is the Pequod, which took another obsessed guy on his journey/quest. In that regard, drive safely.


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