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Royals vs. Indians

Once again, my brother Tom flew in (this time commercial, not in his own plane) to join me for some baseball fun. Our hosts, Josh Sturgis and his wife Andrea, started the outing with a visit to Char Bar for another barbecue experience (when I was here recently, I sampled the delights at Okie Joe’s, Jack Stack and R. J.’s, so no slight to them is meant by our barbecue destinations on this trip). I can report that Burnt Heaven, a sandwich with burnt ends, sausage, fried jalapeños and slaw is first rate. LIkewise the wings. The sauce on the wings was piquant and nearly perfect and their regular sauce carries a bit of heat, also delicious.

Then off to Kauffman Stadium, or “The K” as it is affectionately known here, perhaps the oldest new-style stadium in the majors, and of course home to the reigning world champions.image

Our first stop was the Royals museum for a movie about their World Series victory and look at the trophy.image

As you might imagine, that victory in 2015 bolstered the previously beleaguered Royals fans who had gone 30 years without such a win (let’s see, have the Mariners ever even been to the World Series?). So on a Monday night in the midst of a midwestern heat wave, we were joined by more than 38,000 of the faithful for what promised to be a pitchers duel between Cleveland’s Cy Young award winner, Cory Kluber and one KC’s finest, Edinson Volquez.

Volquez started well, striking out the first two Indians with just six pitches. But then up-and-comer Francisco Lindor hit a solo home run, and the Indians later scratched out another run to make it 2-0 for most of the game. Until the bottom of the 8th, that is. That’s when the Royals put their first two men on. Due up, Kendrys Morales, their DH, who in his previous at bat had reverted to his Mariners form by striking out (one of which was a foul ball off his foot). Manager Yost used that as the reason for calling on pinch hitter Christian Colon, a right handed batter, to face a right handed pitcher. Clearly a bunt situation, which he attempted twice, but when the count went to 2-0, he fooled them by swinging away and hit a would-be triple into left center, scoring two to tie the game. Unfortunately, he was thrown out trying to stretch it to a triple, thus violating one of the cardinal rules of baseball by making the first out at third (especially egregious here because he would have been on second with no outs and cleanup man Salvador Perez coming up). But the Royals did manage to score another run to take the lead before the Royals loaded the bases for 9 hole man Jarrod Dyson, their speedster replacement for Lorenzo Cain, who is on the DL. To everyone’s surprise, probably including his own, Dyson took the first pitch he saw right out of the park to put the game on ice (he had hit only 7 home runs in over 1,300 at bats previously and never a grand slam).

Speaking of triples, Dyson hit one on his first at bat and like most triples, it was a thing of beauty. I haven’t looked up the stats, but I think it rarer than the home run and sluggers don’t often hit triples. Interestingly, the Royals Cheslor Cuthbert (a Triple A replacement for Mike Moustakas at third and a defensive wizard) hit one earlier and was thrown out on a very close play, confirmed after review (so really it was a double).image


3 thoughts on “Royals vs. Indians

  1. Man, you saw a triple-a-thon! that’s great baseball. Glad my semi-beloved Native Americans won. Love the Char Bar, which you recommended to me in April. Piquant indeed, Mr. Foodie. Wasn’t it weird to be one of 16 people in a crowd of 38k not wearing royal blue, or did you hit the gift shop early? Susan and I were genuinely uncomfortable wearing red and maybe gray or something. Last but not least, I hope you can read online about the M’s game last night. Bottom of 9, hadn’t hit all game, down 3-0. Gooty gets a single but is erased on Robbie’s grounder, one down, Cruz walks, Seager singles scoring Cano, Dae Ho whiffs ugly, Two down. 3-1. tying run at first. Lind steps up as PH for Ianetta. I think he has a strike swinging at a low pitch but could be wrong. Next pitch is shoulder high and inside off the plate. No problem. Lind tomahawks it, muscling it about 6 inches over the right center wall. Walkoff 3 run HR. Lind shoots his patented helmet jump shot at home plate and the crowd goes wild. The CWS catcher’s feet don’t hurt no more. I should add that as Lind walked up to the plate, Root Sports showed his walkoff last month, another thing of beauty. Baseball been bery bery good to M’s fans last night. Hey this blog thing is becoming quite a document in toto. Really nice work in all regards! Hope you are keeping an eye on Ichi, also.


  2. Wait a second, wait a second! I was hurrying along getting the highlights, as for example “the Indians loaded the bases” without paying more attention to the names Dyson or Cain and I had the Tribe winning. Wrong. Somebody’s proofreading is just as bad as my speed reading.


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