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The Kansas City Monarchs are probably the best known of the many teams that made up the so-called Negro Leagues of baseball, which operated during the period of enforced segregation in this country. You can learn all about the Monarchs and all the other teams at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. If you are interested in baseball at all or in the larger history of the country and of race relations, it is well worth a visit. You can easily cover it in a couple of hours, but you could also spend a full day if you read everything. Thanks to my nephew Matt Ching for reminding me that the Museum is closed on Mondays.On to St. Louis.

Yes, I know that it is Kansas City where we’re supposed to revel in barbecue, but St. Louis also has its charms. We went to Pappy’s Smokehouse for dinner and were not disappointed. The ribs were superb and in no need of the relatively uninteresting sauce. The beans were mediocre and the slaw unique. It wasn’t traditional, but rather sort of a cross between slaw and sauerkraut with a touch of sweetness.

All that remains

Then on to the game, featuring the fabled Cardinals against the (this year) hapless San Diego Padres. We were surprised that so few seats were occupied just before game time but the ever knowledgable Cards fans were one step ahead of us. Just after the national anthem, the grounds crew walked across the infield (a cardinal sin [get it?]) and then rolled out the tarp.

This message came up on the Jumbotron and we waited, and waited, and waited. The radar images seemed to confirm that the storm wasn’t getting any closer, but alas it finally arrived and the game was postponed. Ugh!

And another thing. Thanks to our friends at Baseballism, a concern with stores in Scottsdale, Cooperstown and Portland and started by some devoted fans in Portland, I was able to wear this ultimate insider’s pun shirt to the Royals game. Bonus points if you post a comment with the right answer.




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