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M’s Pitching

What’s with Scott Servais? Yes, I know Felix is back, but it will take him a few starts to get sharp. Lucky they pulled out the win against the White Sox. But back to Servais – he keeps trotting out Joaquin Benoit, who cannot appear in a game without giving up a run (usually a dinger) and a walk. Just leave somebody else in or use a different reliever. How much worse could it be?

And another thing. Why is no one posting at least a guess about the phrase on my T shirt?  [See the “Missouri” post.]. Come on, people, give it a shot! I’ve got just one so far and I’m waiting for more before I post any. Let ‘er rip!


2 thoughts on “M’s Pitching

  1. Technically Keep the Circle Change. Anybody walk up and guess or ask you? If I get that Normal Cornbelter gear I think I’ll get your punshirt for Susan. M’s win a great one last night in 11 after being significantly down late. Only days away from Junior!


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