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Tom headed home to Oregon and the kids went home to New York, where I will rejoin them for the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. So I took a solo drive southeast from Chicago, through the green fields of Indiana (did I mention corn?) to the Queen City, Cincinnati, to watch the Reds take on the Diamondbacks at the Great American Ball Park.

That wouldn’t be such a bad name if you could avoid knowing that the name was purchased by the insurance company located right behind it. GABP replaced what was once Riverfront Stadium, and it is located right on the banks of the Ohio River. If the game isn’t engaging, you can watch boat traffic on the river.

I couldn’t face more nitrite-laced pork products, so I opted, sadly, for a pre-packaged chicken Caesar salad, which did the trick, albeit without baseball tradition or the prospect of midnight heartburn. There was chili available – first time I’ve seen that. The prices were generally a little higher than in Chicago and lower than KC. They also had custom hand-dipped ice cream bars with a choice of coatings. Classy.
It was cooler than the past few evenings and no rain even threatened. Both teams began as though they were suffering from heat stroke, however, with both pitchers giving up home runs and walks. The storied Reds, one of if not the oldest franchise in the Majors, settled down to win it 6-2.
Although it was not technically on an outfield wall (an electronic border sign), so far the best in the Majors: “Eat. Spit. Be Happy.” An ad for David Sunflower seeds.
Oh yes, the mysterious circles near the base paths at White Sox field – according to Dave Moore, they are a holdover from tobacco chewing days. Players could spit in the circle with impunity, but not elsewhere. I don’t know if he’s right, but it’s such a good answer, I’m going with it.


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