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Today’s New York Times got me going.  First, there’s the article about the Hartford Yard Goats (read it Here), which has one of the best names in all of baseball.  Their stadium didn’t get finished, so they’ve played all their games on the road.  I hope it gets done because I want to take in one of their games next season.  I fear that it may not and they’ll move and have to choose a much less colorful name.

Then there was the story on Friday that the White Sox home field will change its name from U.S. Cellular Field (among the worst names in the Bigs) to, wait for it. . .Guaranteed Rate Field.  Now the logo of that company is a downward pointing red arrow, so you can just imagine what the fans and opposing teams will come up with.  Isn’t there a beer company they could sell to?  What are they thinking???

Finally, another NYT article by Benjamin Hoffman got me riled up.  He discusses the playoff prospects in both the American and National Leagues and manages to not mention the Mariners.  Reminds me that many people in the East don’t yet know about the Louisana Purchase.


One thought on “Names

  1. Tom Newell says:

    For a hearty and humorous addition to the rant to to npr.org/weekendedition, Simon Says. Scott Simongoes off on the whole stadium naming issue. Fear Not, White Sox Fans: You’ll Get Used To ‘Guaranteed.


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