This really started when Ken Griffey Jr. joined the Mariners in 1989.  In spite of his miserable home park (the abysmal King Dome), he was a delight to watch, and I did that regularly through his years in Seattle.  Then, when it became obvious he would be voted into the Hall of Fame, I began musing about how much fun it would be to attend his induction ceremony.  That fantasy slowly morphed into reality as I began planning a road trip to Cooperstown for just that purpose.  Well, not just.  My daughter lives about 45 minutes from Cooperstown and so there’s the excuse of visiting her as well.

But why a road trip?  Why not fly?  Two very simply reasons: I love to drive and, by driving,  I can take in a good number of major and minor league games, test some ballpark food and, no doubt, stop for the occasional roadside attraction.

I talked with many of you about my fantasy/plan and several of you asked if I will be blogging. I didn’t plan to, but the requests caused me to look into that further, and here we are. Many thanks to my kids, Q and Eli, for helping me get this set up, and kudos to my law partner, Duane Bosworth, for coming up with the name (among many other suggestions, some of which you’ll see when I get going) . I’ll post mainly about baseball, road trips and anything else that strikes my fancy.

I’ve loved baseball my whole life, but have been a more active fan the last couple of decades. I grew up playing ball in our pasture with my younger brother using taped up broken bats that my older brother salvaged from high school and American Legion ball. When I made it to high school, it soon became apparent that I couldn’t hit the curve, so I quit and went to umpire school. I loved that too, but soon learned that I’d have to spend 15 years riding the bus in Iowa to have a chance at the Bigs, so college seemed like a better alternative.

I was very fortunate in college to see the Red Sox clinch the pennant in ’67 at Fenway. Then, 46 years later, I got lucky and scored tix to game one of the ’13 World Series. See the picture below.

Please comment freely and let me know if there’s other stuff you’d like to see.


Game 1, 2013 World Series, Fenway Park


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