Okay, folks, here is the schedule of my trip. The first listed team is home and I’ll be in their stadium (duh!). The keystone for the schedule is the Hall of Fame induction of Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza on July 24 and the games are slotted around that with the three criteria of 1) have I been to that stadium; 2) how far is it from the last stop; and 3) does the date (and game time) work.

THE HOME TEAM IS LISTED FIRST (I know that’s not the usual format, but it works for me, so just accept my quirk).
July 18 – Royals vs. Indians

July 19 – Cards vs. Padres

July 21 – White Sox vs. Tigers

July 22 – Reds vs. D’ Backs

July 24 – Cooperstown

July 26 – Pirates vs. Mariners

July 27 – Indians vs. Nationals

July 29 – Tigers vs. Astros

July 30 – Brewers vs. Pirates

August 2 – Rockies vs. Dodgers

All are night games (7 p.m.) except the Indians which is at noon.

If you want to join me at any point along the line, send me an email ( and we’ll make the arrangements.